Venus Silk-expert 3 BD3001 IPL with Gillette Venus razor.

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Venus Silk-expert 3 IPL. Visible hair removal with the only IPL technology that adapts to your skin.

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Gillette Venus razor


Gliding mode

For a fast and efficient IPL treatment, use gliding mode to trigger more flashes and fewer missed areas.

FDA cleared

FDA cleared

Derived from professional light technology, Braun Silk-expert 3 IPL is clinically tested for safe and effective use at home.


250,000 flashes

Provides the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 12 years.


Intelligent SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor

Skin tone varies across different parts of the body. The unique SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor continuously reads your skin tone – 80x per second – and automatically adapts the light intensity for best efficacy and safety.



Non stop power


Recommended by Skin Health Alliance

Dermatologically accredited and skin safe by a leading international skin health organization working with dermatologists and scientists.


Customize your treatment: Normal or gentle mode

The normal mode gives you the full power and adaptation to your skin tone at any time. In the gentle mode, the Venus Silk-expert adapts to different skin tones as fast and accurately as in normal mode – just on a lower energy level.

Power source




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 Silk-expert 3 IPL

Silk-expert 3 IPL

 Transfomer including power cord and plug

Transfomer including power cord and plug

 Gillette Venus razor

Gillette Venus razor

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موقعك:Newcastle UO

27 May, 2017

This model has no sideburn trimmer

I bought this Braun 3 as I have had two previous models, with which I have been very happy. This one though has no sideburn trimmer. I can understand why they dropped that, as in my two previous models it was the first part to break. However seeing as that is why I picked up this new shaver I was very disappointed. It's going straight back to the shop -- unused.

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