Braun Satin Hair
PowerPerfection dryers

2x more power.* Ultra light.
Fast perfect style.

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The power of fast
and effortless beauty.

So powerful you won't believe how compact and light it is. With the 2500 Watts of the Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer you now have all the power in your hand to dry your hair thoroughly, simply and, most of all, quickly.

Move faster from wet to wow.

Save time and wait less: You will literally be blown away by how fast hair drying can be with a powerful
Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer. Moving from wet to moist to wow truly becomes a breeze.

The lighter way to
dry hair.

The 2500 W Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer offers an amazing combination of weight and power. The lightweight and compact design makes 360° use easy and ergonomic, so you won't miss any spots anymore.

Infuse your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz.

Millions of active ions combat the static that occurs with conventional dryers. With a Braun SatinHair 7 IonTec dryer you get more even hair for visibly more shine, strand by strand.

How to achieve a fast and effortless blowdry at home.

„I recommend using the new Braun Satin Hair 5 dryer from the PowerPerfection range as its lightweight design takes the hassle out of drying but still delivers powerful and quick results.“

What’s in the box

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¹ Available with selected models only.