Satin Hair Style&Go dryer
Travel in style.The most powerful Style&Go Braun dryer.

Braun Satin Hair Style&Go products

Big on your hair.
Small in your bag.

The foldable travel dryer packs light and really compact. It gives you the freedom to dry and style whereever you want to look great.

Infrared heating

The Braun Satin Hair Style&Go dryer works with an infrared heat source that prevents hot spots and dry-out.

Multivoltage lets you plug in and style everywhere.

Different countries, different voltages: The Braun Satin Hair Style&Go dryer handles everything the local plug delivers. Multivoltage for a powerful performance wherever you go.

So compact yet so
feature rich.

Ionic function

to boost shine and combat frizz.

2 heat settings

for drying and styling flexibility.

1600 watts

is a lot of power for such a compact dryer.

Hanging loop

for safe and convenient storage.

Watch the hairstyle
tutorial with Braun Global Style Director Sascha Breuer.