Sascha Breuer’s step- by-step guide: how to achieve a fast and effortless blow dry at home

Blow-drying hair is a task that often suffers when we just don’t have enough time. However, skipping a blow dry may result in a ‘blah’ hair day, with average and uninspired looks leaving you lacking in confidence.

The solution? The new Braun Satin Hair 5 dryer from the PowerPerfection range. Its lightweight design takes the hassle out of drying but still delivers powerful and quick results. Why not try it along with my top tips and break free from ‘blah’ hair days! I look forward to seeing the gorgeous results…

Braun Global Stylist Ambassador, Sascha Breuer

Step 1: Preparation

Don’t start with soaking wet hair; leave it wrapped in a towel for at least five minutes. Now use a comb to gently work through the knots. Then divide your tangle-free hair into 4-6 sections. Ready to blow...

Step 2: Blow-drying

The fantastic thing about blow drying your hair means you can control the way it looks, boost volume as well as create and define its shape and profile, as opposed to it just hanging loose without style. Use a round brush; it helps craft beautiful contours, curves and volume. The first section of hair to work on is around your neckline – start blow-drying the underneath hair and, section by section, work your way up to the crown of your head. (Moving upward is faster than downward, because you don’t re-wet hair by combing through to the bottom layers.)

Wrap each section around the brush and pull. Aim the nozzle down the hair shaft, a few inches away from hair. Dry each section from root to tip as this helps smooth the cuticle layers – the basis for shiny and healthy-looking hair. Just before you reach the tip, switch the heat setting to cool to seal the cuticle to prevent split ends.

Use an ionic dryer like the Satin Hair 5 to speed up drying and ensure visibly less frizz – a timesaver in taming your hair!

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