Senso collection for ultimate styling

How well do you know your hair?

Did you know that every strand of hair is different? How can you know if you’re styling safely? Do you know what temperature your styler operates at? Finally, there is a styler that considers all of your hair’s differences allowing unlimited styling with ultimate heat protection.

SensoCare. The intelligent styler.

Your styler might be doing more harm than good. Some straighteners on the market keep a constant temperature that is too high for your hair, and this can cause damage. Braun is helping you take your style to the limit. The world’s first SensoCare Styler senses your hair 20 x a second via built-in sensors and continuously adapts the temperature to give you ultimate heat protection. The results speak for themselves, better gliding, longer lasting, smoother hair.

SensoCare the intelligent styler

So much more than just hot air.

Thermo sensor for active temperature control prevents dryer from overheating and protects hair from being damaged.

Braun Satin Hair 7 Professional SensoDryer

Unlimited styling with ultimate heat protection.

Sascha Breuer, Braun Global Style Director: "I love the SensoCare Styler. For the first time I can work with a tool that reads my clients hair and adjusts its temperature. Whatever the style may be – curls, waves or straight – with SensoCare you can easily achieve any of these with ultimate protection from heat. With less damage, you have more styling possibilities, so we at Braun have created this range of fresh looks for you to take your style to the limit."

Sascha Breuer, Celebrity stylist and Braun ambassador

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Braun Satin Hair 7

Braun Satin Hair 7

World's 1st SensoCare straightener with active temperature control

Satin Hair 7 Professional SensoDryer

Satin Hair 7 Professional SensoDryer

Perfect your superior styling routine with the new professional Braun SensoDryer.

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