Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brushes
More shine, less frizz from the first stroke.*

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brushes

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instant shine and smoothness

Bring out shine. Beat static and frizz.

The Braun IONTEC Brush is unique. While others have ions only buried in their material, the IONTEC Brush actively produces them in millions and pushes them out through the little green jet. You can even hear it work with a quiet hiss. All those ions infuse your hair and beat static and frizz for instantly visible shine. And they help transport the moisture of the surrounding air back into the hair. Which is a very healthy thing to do.

Detachable for easy cleaning.

Simply remove the cushion pad and easily clean it under running water. It keeps your brush in pristine state for years of use.

Seamless bristles.

No burrs, no sharp edges. Seamless bristles are made for a wonderfully gentle and damage-free glide through hair.

Active ions to go, please.

Taking your brush anywhere means taking instant shine anywhere. Be it a great night out or a long day at work, you can touch up with the push of a button and a few strokes. The travel lock protects the ion output nozzles while the IONTEC Brush is in the purse.


for impressive drying and styling results.


Seamless bristles

for damage-free glide (BR710).

Battery powered (2 included)

Automatic power-off for longer battery lifetime.