Braun Satin Hair 7
Colour straightener
Let your colour last
2x longer.*

Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour straightener

Colour Saver Technology
for up to 70% less
colour fade.

Braun Colour Saver technology identifies and chooses the perfect temperature for your personal type of hair. Be it thick, normal or thin, coloured or not – style with confidence that your colour will enjoy up to 70% less fading than with conventional straighteners*. For more richness, vibrancy and healthy shine.

IONTEC to boost shine and combat frizz.

With every stroke, millions of active ions combat the static that can occur with conventional straighteners. It aligns hair better and smoothes the surface for less frizz and visibly more shine.

Discover even more qualities.

braun-satin-hair-7-colour-saver-straightener qualities
braun-satin-hair-7-colour-saver-straightener icon floating-plates

Floating plate

makes styling faster and results more even.

braun-satin-hair-7-colour-saver-straightener icon ceramic-plates

100% ceramic Nanoglide plates

glide 3x better for faster styling and less damage.

braun-satin-hair-7-colour-saver-straightener icon control

Display with advanced temperature control

allows you to select your hairtype so the straighener can select the right temperature.

braun-satin-hair-7-colour-saver-straightener icon boost

Temperature boost button

for precise styling of difficult hair.

Pretty unstraight
for a straightener.

Cool Tip for easier handling and more beautiful curls and waves.

Your personal hair
type gets a personal

If your hair is thick, normal or thin, coloured or not: simply select via display, and the personalized temperature control of the Satin Hair 7 Colour straightener chooses the ideal temperature. The temperature boost button instantly boosts temperature for precise styling of difficult hair.

  • Colour Saver Technology at medium setting (normal hair) vs. 230°C straightener at highest setting; after 5 treatments.