Braun Design.
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Past forward.

Our new Braun design language takes up the legendary legacy of Dieter Rams and his colleagues, above all by adopting their mindset and following their search for appliances that are readily comprehensible and superbly functional down to the smallest detail. It is this approach that inspires our design endeavors today. Braun might be looking back, but this gaze is also a look forward into a new future: past forward. Always with the clear objective of transporting the radically reduced forms into the present, of creating something new – but without ruling out one or another design element of the past. An example of this is the new Series 5 shaver, whose recessed pattern on the handle references the familiar hard-and-soft technology of the Micron from the 1980s. The pattern alludes to the Braun tradition while also improving the grip of the soft material encasing the shaver. Similarly, the combination of black and silver draws on Braun’s history without making things nostalgic.

The new Braun design:

Easy to use

Strength of Pure. Braun’s new design language.

Braun stands for innovative, functional product design. Design clarity, practicality and utmost precision down to the smallest detail are characteristic of the brand identity. Our motto “Strength of Pure” describes the bond with our design tradition and at the same time our orientation for the future. Our design strives for a unified appearance across the entire portfolio. Consequently, we have determined design principles that apply to all products. These define the rules for form, details, materials, colors and graphics.

Ten design principles.

Visual elements are reduced to a minimum. This places emphasis on the product’s usability and functionality.

Pure & Fluid Geometry
Stand alone products are based on clear, architectural shapes. Handheld products are characterized by fluid geometry, created by connecting basic geometrical shapes with smooth transitions.

Symmetry & Direction
Braun products engage the human sense of beauty. They are symmetrical, yet indicate a direction that explains the product’s usage.

Order & Balance
Design elements are arranged within a geometric grid and with a clear functional hierarchy, resulting in visual clarity and a harmonious appearance.

Interface Elements
All interface elements are designed as either a circle or an elongated circle. Their appearance may vary in proportion, color and material, according to their function.

Distinctive Shapes
The overall appearance is based on architectural or ergonomic shapes and gives each product a distinctive silhouette.

Iconic Details
Unique details give each product an unmistakable market presence and simultaneously identify it as a discrete Braun product.

Geometric Parting Lines
Parting lines define the product’s operating areas and create a visual structure. They are characterized by geometrical, controlled alignment.

Colors & Materials
The main product colors are black, white, grey and metal. Color accents are only used in details to highlight product function or operating controls.

Clear Product Graphics
Product graphics are functional, minimal and consistent across all Braun products and categories.