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The rise of the hyper masculine and hyper feminine hair styles.

International hair stylists Fabio Vivan and Sascha Breuer are Braun’s Global experts in hair trends. Here they explore how technology is delineating the current hyper masculine and hyper feminine hairstyles of the sexes.

Braun’s ethos to create high performance grooming tools for men and women is in part down to understanding the significance of our most outward show of health vitality and beauty – our hair.

A luxuriant beard is the epitome of masculinity, symbolic of strength and power. Sleekly straight or siren wavy hair oozes health, gloss, fertility and femininity. The rise of hyper feminine or hyper masculine style and how to achieve it has led Braun to develop breakthrough technologies and styling tools.

Hyper masculinity

The beard has become a dominant look - on the pages of glossy magazines, on the men’s catwalks and on the streets of the world’s stylish cities. It epitomises the very core of masculinity virility, maturity, dominance and even warrior like attitudes.

But as Braun ambassador Fabio Vivan explains, a beard offers more than just a definition of masculinity. It allows experimentation, and with the right grooming equipment, the possibility to change your look whenever you choose. “A lavish beard can demonstrate free spirited creativity. But unlike a tattoo which is permanent, with great grooming tools, you can shave off a beard in ten minutes if you suddenly feel the need to conform again.”

Keeping it pristine

The latest beard incarnations have a sobriety and finesse that only perfect grooming can achieve. A recent study published in Evolution and human behaviour showed the optimum and most appealing beard growth to the opposite sex occurs at ten days. Coupled with the beard is a haircut with crisply sleek lined and edged sides and a pristine finish. These hair features all cry out for maintenance, and grooming perfection. Choosing the right grooming tools is vital to the look and Braun is the perfect contender. Its male product range succeeds in combining three key features which define a perfect grooming experience: speed, precision and comfort. In today’s age, men are not only looking for latest intuitive technology and a range of high-tech features, but also demand faster results than ever. Braun has responded by introducing distinct product features, such as the MicroComb technology inherent to Braun Series 3, catching more hair with every stroke and enabling a faster shave than ever.

Ultimately, however, the perfect look is a matter of precision. Clean edges and sharp contours define contemporary looks men aspire to. Braun’s styling and trimming products can be handled flexibly and intuitively, allowing more creativity and style freedom for the modern man. The unprecedented performance of the new Braun Series 9 SyncroSonic™ technology lets men finish their shave with fewer strokes. Less repetition means less irritation and more skin comfort than ever – rounded off with textured grip zones, a clean interface and highly functional design.

Braun products allow men to create different, precise styles, which complements their desire to find a look that is purely authentic and reflective of their character.

Braun products offer precision and speed.

Wearing it well

Technology is often a major driving force in hair and beard trends. Vivan believes the current penchant across the Western World for Edwardian-style haircuts – with very short back and sides, and a well-groomed coiffure on top – wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the latest generation of hair clippers pioneered from brands such as Braun. “In the old days you had to visit the barber’s to get a clean-lined finish like that,” he says. “But, now, thanks to Braun’s high-tech modern grooming products - trimmers and shapers - you can achieve that look in a few minutes in your own bathroom.”

Flaunting femininity

Mid to long luxuriant hair lengths have become the holy grail of hair femininity. Sascha Breuer, celebrity stylist and Braun ambassador explains, “The rise of long hair is as much about the freedom to express different aspects of feminine style. Style icons like Rita Ora and Cara Delavigne are setting the trends by constantly experimenting with the texture, look, style and finish of their hair. They showcase what is possible in terms of changing up your style to create totally coherent and polished looks.”

“Braun’s technologically advanced styling tools play a major part in these hyper feminine trends. They enable women to easily achieve a groomed style without the help of a hairdresser”.

braun-innovation hair-trend-experts flaunting-femininity

Great styling condition equals polished looks

“Pure basic hair quality shows in the shine, the hair bounce, hair elasticity and hair health. If the hair is dull, brittle or over- processed, heat styling can be challenging. The hair stops moving in a natural way and softer textures such as waves or curls just drop out as it doesn’t have that vitality.” says Breuer.

“Modern tools don’t impair the quality of the hair which is key, especially with longer lengths” he explains. “Braun’s SensoCare hair styler contains special sensors that adjusts the temperature of its ceramic plates according to the moisture of the user’s hair.” Breuer says. “This protects hair from overheating and allows women to style their hair in their own home. You used to have to visit a hair salon to get curls and waves looking this good.” Breuer says. “It’s rare you see a man visiting a barbershop for a basic shave or beard trim. Similarly, I think very few women will pay for expensive hair appointments when all they want is curly, wavy or sleek hair. Why would they when they can do an equally good job themselves at home using their own Braun hair styler?”

This new wave of styling tools has encouraged hyper masculine and hyper feminine looks as never before and crafting hair “style” has been placed firmly in the hands of the individual.