Beard styles for modern men

Impress with a striking goatee. This stylish beard will underline your features and give you a trendy edge.

The goatee comes in a variety of styles. It can be trimmed very short and clipped neatly or left unkempt and grown longer for a casual look. Anything you choose will be bold and striking. Let your beard and your imagination run wild. Searching for inspiration? Take a look below for some inspiration.

Size does matter.

A goatee should grow a little over the edge of your chin; well defined and impressive. Depending on your face shape, you should consider growing your goatee a little longer, this elongates your face shape creating a thinner look.

Step by step guide to a goatee beard

Step 1: Shave

Start by shaving your cheeks and beneath your chin. This will clean up your face and emphasize your goatee, make sure not to leave any distracting stubble.

Step 2: Trim

Trim your goatee to your desired length–using the Braun beard trimmers adjustable trimming attachment you can get it just right. Keep up this routine once a week to maintain a tidy looking goatee, giving it that extra wow factor.

Step 3: Style & maintain

Style your goatee by shaping the corners nice and sharp, take extra care on the sides both where they meet the mustache and down at the chin. Bold and neat lines will define your beard making it stand out. Wash your goatee every 2-3 days to stay fresh and well groomed. Rinse it off and add normal hair conditioner for a smart, easy to style beard. Depending on your goatee shape beard wax and beard oil can help you tame it into the right style.

Small tip:

the edges of your goatee should not extend further than your irises; you run the risk of emphasizing a wider face shape.

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Stylers & trimmers

The Braun beard trimmer is great for a cool styled look.