Braun Design. BraunCollection

BraunCollection. A cultural heritage.

The BraunCollection is more than just a corporate museum. It is a piece of German design history. With over 300 exhibits, the permanent exhibition documents the history of the extraordinary brand, which like no other has enabled German design to attain worldwide significance. The foundations for this were laid by the brothers Erwin and Artur Braun, who, after World War II, transformed their father’s business into a company with global operations. Together with now legendary designers such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Hans Gugelot, Otl Aicher and, not least of all, Braun’s long-standing Head of Design Dieter Rams, they also developed a design language and culture that epitomized modern industrial design. Nowadays the collection, which is located in the immediate vicinity of corporate HQ in Kronberg, not only displays famous design objects such as the ET 66 pocket calculator, the sixtant SM 31 razor and the SK 4 radio-phonograph combination. Historical advertising films and video interviews with contemporaries of the time also bring past decades fully to life again.

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