Male Grooming

    Key Parts

    Shavers & replacement parts

    Braun Clean & Renew refills 8 Pack
    5-in-1 SmartCare Center
    Series 7 Cassette 70B replacement head black
    EasyClick Beard Trimmer attachment
    Series 3 Foil and Cutter 31S replacement pack silver
    EasyClick Stubble Beard Trimmer attachment
    Braun Clean & Renew refills 6 Pack
    Series 3 BT32 beard trimmer head and 5 combs
    Series 3 Foil and Cutter 31B replacement pack black
    Braun Clean & Renew refills 4 Pack
    Series 1/cruZer Foil and Cutter 10B replacement pack black
    EasyClick BR-R - Brush refill
    °CoolTec Cassette 40B replacement head blue
    Clean & Renew cartridge 2 pack
    EasyClick Cleansing Brush attachment
    Series 3 Cassette 21B replacement head black
    Series 9 Cassette 90S replacement head silver
    Series 5 Cassette 52B replacement head black
    Series 3 Cassette 32S replacement head black
    Series 1 Foil and Cutter 11B replacement pack black
    Series X XT10 replacement blade, black
    Charging Stand
    Series 9 Cassette 92S replacement head silver
    Series 5 Foil and Cutter 51S replacement pack silver
    XT20 replacement blade
    EasyClick Body Groomer attachment
    4 in 1 SmartCare Cleaning Center
    Series 9 Cassette 92M replacement head silver
    Clean & Renew cartridge 5+1 pack
    WaterFlex Foil and Cutter 51B replacement pack black
    Clean & Renew cartridge 3 pack
    Series 5 Foil and Cutter 52S replacement pack silver
    Series 9 Cassette 92B replacement head black
    Series 8 Cassette 83M replacement head silver
    Series 3 Foil and Cutter 30B replacement pack black
    Series 7 Cassette 70S replacement head silver
    Series 3 Cassette 32B replacement head black
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