How to groom your groin
How to groom your groin

How to groom your groin

With the versatile Braun body groomer, you can get any body look you want.

You might have tried your hand at a trimmed chest or shaved armpits, but how about your nether regions? The Braun body groomer gives you a clean look down under in no time at all. A neat look due south is not just for girls anymore – so step up your game!

Trim your pubic hair with Braun body groomer

Step 1

First use the Body groomer powered trimmer to trim your pubic hair to any length you want. This not only lets your groin area look cleaner but also makes it easier to clean-shave any parts later that you want to see perfectly smooth. And don’t be afraid of this kind of genital hair removal, with the Body groomer sensitive comb your most delicate areas are in safe hands!

Braun body groomer with Gillette Fusion blades

Step 2

Now take a hot shower to soften the hair and open the pores. Put on some shaving cream for sensitive skin. With the integrated Gillette Fusion blades offering you a super-smooth and safe shave, there’s really no restrictions to genital hair removal – no matter what parts of your groin area you want to be clean-shaven. Simply pull the skin taut and use short, light strokes.

Trim the hair on your lower stomach with Braun body groomer

Step 3

To make your groin area look even more tidy and sexy, it’s a good idea to remove the hair on your lower stomach. In addition, this is also a nice way to make your stomach look more toned and defined, so you might want to give this look a try. Use the Braun body groomer to trim&shave the area in one go and your seductive body look is finished.