Smart Chin Beard for the Office

Smart Chin Beard
for the Office
A classic beard look: the chin beard.

It’s a more serious and chic look than a goatee and is acceptable in an office environment. You can wear it in combination with a mustache or simply on its own. Men who have square or round face shapes can look really good with a chin beard, this chic and tidy look is most appropriate for a long day at the office.

Step by Step
Guide: Smart beard

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Step 1:

After washing your beard and making sure it is dry, set your trimmer to the desired length and begin to trim your chin beard evenly.

Step 2:

To tidy up your neck, remove the trimmer guard and shave everything around your Adam’s apple.

Step 3:

Set your trimmer to 3 mm and trim the remaining chin beard along your jaw line. Remove the trimmer guard again and shave both cheeks and up to your sideburns.

Step 4:

To remove your mustache in a clean and tidy shave, follow the contour of your lip with the guardless trimmer until all hairs have been removed from your upper lip.