Braun IPL Skin i·expert, at Home Hair Removal, Free App, Pouch, Venus Razor, 2 Heads, PL7147

  • Our fastest way to 1 year of smooth skin at home¹: visible results in just 3 weeks.

  • The world’s 1st smart IPL system with responsive intelligence that learns, and adapts to your unique skin.

  • Your best results, made easy with no guesswork: the only IPL with real-time coverage feedback and smart head recognition. Like having your own personal beautician at home.

  • Always safe: built-in skin protection and UV filter offers you maximum safety and optimal results, being the only IPL² that automatically adapts every flash to your skin tones.

  • Gentle on skin: comfortable and virtually painless, even in sensitive areas. Get head-to-toe sessions: treat legs, arms, chest, back, face, underarms and even the pubic area with specially designed heads for face and body.

  • Your personalized treatment plan: our smart calendar plans and automatically adapts around your busy lifestyle.

  • Take it anywhere! Exclusive premium pouch for easy on-the-go travel and safe storage: holds the IPL device and all attachments in one place.

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Skin i·expert IPL device in the front, Skin i·expert app on mobile devices display different user interfaces.

Exclusive free connected app

The responsive and intelligent Skin i·expert system learns your needs and personalizes the treatment to your skin. The free connected app guides you in real-time so that you always do it right.

Two different IPL attachments for face, underarms and pubic area

Accurate and thorough from head to toe

This IPL comes with precision caps for smaller, sensitive areas like the face and pubic areas (including mons pubis, labia majora, perineum and around the anus), a standard head for underarms, legs and other large body areas.

Woman using IPL device in bikini zone

Smooth skin even in delicate areas

At the touch of a button, 2 sensitive skin modes adapt the light intensity for long-lasting smooth skin even in sensitive & delicate areas. Easy to use, ideal for first-time users.

IPL Device displaying different possible levels of intensity

Built in skin protection

Skin tone varies across the body, so the skin sensors (with UV filter) reads your skin 80x/sec to detect even the slightest skin tone variations and automatically adapts the power of every flash to your different body areas. This gives you the perfect balance of power for long-lasting, safe & easy results at home.

IPL Device with high-speed flash on

Corded IPL

Unlike cordless IPLs, the corded Skin i·expert IPL always maximizes power and flashes speed, with high power level of up to 6j/cm² and rapid flashes occurring every 0.5 seconds. This seamless stream of high-speed flashes ensures effortless gliding, minimizing the possibility of missed spots.

Skin tone & Body hair type chart with a wide range of skin tones

Skin tone & Body hair type chart

Exclusive² built-in skin protection auto-optimizes power to your skin tone.
Braun IPL is suitable for a wide range of skin tones from light to medium dark skin tones, with hair ranging from natural blonde to dark brown or black. IPL technology is least suitable on very blonde, red, grey or white hair where there is less melanin to absorb the light.

¹Following the regimen. Individual results may vary.
²Shared technology with Cyden.

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