How to take care of your beard

How to take care of your beard

How to take care of your beard

When left untouched, beard hair can get wild and matted; taming it is an unruly task yet essential if you want to look good. Here we will introduce some essentials for a carefree daily grooming routine. Products are usually applied to your beard after your beard has been washed and thoroughly dried.

Step by Step Guide:

Step by Step Guide: How to take care of your beard

Beard comb

Beard hair can tangle and become easily matted. Maintaining a smart look isn’t difficult; just keep a comb with you to prevent your beard knotting during the day. Smaller beard combs are also available for moustaches.

Beard comb

Beard trimming

Regularly trimming your beard is the only way to keep it looking good. The Braun Multigrooming Set is the perfect solution to tame the natural look. With two different hair trimming attachments both longer and shorter beards can be pruned into shape. The superb quality of the blades will last a lifetime and tidy up even the thicker and longer beard hair.

Beard brush

The beard brush helps tame that thick bush down into a soft mane. It will assist in the crucial distribution of sebaceous oil from your skin all along to the tips of your hairs. We recommend beard brushes made from boar hair, the bristles can be harder than a normal hairbrush so take care not to brush too hard and damage your skin. Apply any oils and products first with your hands by simply massaging it into your beard and skin. Use your brush to evenly spread the product through your beard, conditioning and softening it.

Beard oil

Beard oils will minimize skin irritation, especially during the initial growth phase. The oils will keep your beard hair soft and fluffy. There are many different types of oils to choose from, we recommend any oils which contain some basic oils such as almond oil or grape seed oil. Why not choose a fragrant oil such as bergamot, lemon or sandalwood?

Beard oil

Beard wax

Back in the day your grandfather used wax to style and shape his beard. Spruce up your mustache by adding a little wax and twisting the ends. Beard wax will soften your beard and add volume and body. Beard wax is water-soluble and is easily washed out.

How to make your beard grow:

Two secrets to a good-looking long beard are: balanced nutrition and hard work. Extra vitamins and minerals will help your hair grow faster. Vitamin A, B, C, E and biotin are all essential for healthy hair growth. Exfoliating regularly will remove dead skin cells and help your hair grow. Keep your face well hydrated by moisturizing daily. Drinking plenty of water will help your hair stay soft and grow quicker, too.

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