Wet Shaving or Dry Shaving - Which Suits You Better?

Wet Shaving or Dry Shaving - Which Suits You Better?

With more ways than ever to shave, working out what will work best for you can be overwhelming. Broken down to the basics, the main difference between methods of shaving can be split into wet vs dry shaving. Choosing between an electric shaver vs a razor is down to personal preference but also what gives you the smoothest experience and the least irritation.

Difference between Wet Shaving and Dry Shaving

A dry shave is something only possible with an electric shaver as many modern devices can glide over your skin with or without shaving foam and hot water. Wet shaving on the other hand is often what people are first aware of when they learn how to shave.

Using a manual razor and soaking your skin beforehand has certain advantages so we’ll run you through the pros and cons of each shaving method.

You may also wish to try a wet and dry shaver such as the Braun Series 9 for the ability to shave with or without soaking your facial hair to soften it.

What is Wet Shaving

What is Wet Shaving

Wet shaving, as the name suggests starts with preparing your face for a shave by using the power of hot water. This traditional shaving experience gets a sharp razor in close contact with your skin to cut the hair with a stroke of the blade.

A wet shaving kit would generally include shaving cream to lather your face and either a single-bladed or multi-blade cartridge razor.

If shaving with a wet face is something you can’t live without, many electric shavers like the Braun Series 9 can be used with shaving foam and in the shower.

Pros and Cons of Wet Shaving

Many people will swear by a wet shave as this more traditional method has several benefits. When the moment comes to tackle your facial hair, lathering up with shaving foam is a time-tested shaving technique.

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of wet shaving will give you the knowledge to work out if it’s the method for you.

Pros of Wet Shaving

One of the main benefits of a wet shave is a smooth glide over your skin that hot water and shaving cream can offer you. Reducing the friction between your face and your wet shaving kit means less chance of pulling on your skin and causing irritation.

With less irritation, you should see fewer razor bumps and ingrown hairs as a wet face is a much easier surface to shave.

As any barber knows, wet hair is also easier to cut and you should end up with a pleasingly close shave.

Cons of Wet Shaving

One thing to bear in mind if you’re learning how to wet shave is that you are more prone to nicks and cuts. With a manual razor, you need to learn the art of shaving gently with the grain your hair grows.

Having to get your skin wet and apply shaving cream can also be time-consuming and if it’s part of your morning routine you may find yourself rushing out the door.

With all this in mind, wet shaving is many men’s method of choice but does have some drawbacks to be aware of.

What is Dry Shaving

What is Dry Shaving

A dry shave is a more modern innovation as it calls for the use of an electric razor. With this newer cutting technology, you don’t need to consider getting your skin wet and lathered as a foil electric shaver such as the Braun Series 9 can cut through wet or dry facial hair. Whichever shaving tool you choose, a range of stylers & trimmers can now shave in whatever style suits you.

Pros and Cons of Dry Shaving

As most electric razors can be used to shave wet or dry, knowing the benefits of a dry shave will help you decide on the best method for you.

Pros of Dry Shaving

The reason that dry shaving appeals to lot of men is the ease and simplicity. Without any need for hot water or shaving foam, an electric shaver means less time in front of the bathroom mirror.

When it comes to learning how to dry shave, you are also much less likely to suffer nicks as you can shave smoothly with the direction hair grows or against it.

With adjustable combs and attachments, electric shavers and trimmers also allow you to achieve your desired facial hair look.

Braun beard trimmers are equipped with a precision dial to select the exact beard length to suit you.

Cons of Dry Shaving

While dry shaving can save on time and effort, if you have sensitive skin shaving without foam can irritate. If you notice redness try lathering the skin before using your electric shaver for a smoother dry shave.

Before shaving with an electric razor you will of course have to charge your device. To make this as simple as possible, 5 minutes quick charge with a Braun Series 9 provides you with enough power for one shave, making it ideal for use on the go.

Wet or Dry Shaving - Which shave is better for me?

Each method of shaving has its own benefits and drawbacks. When deciding between a wet vs dry shave, consider whether you have sensitive skin, how long you want to spend in the bathroom and how close a shave you require. For the least chance of irritation and closeness, a wet shave is normally superior but dry shaving can save on time and lets you shave in either direction.

If you regularly notice red and irritated patches after shaving, choosing the best shaver for sensitive skin is vital. Electric shavers generally cause less irritation as fewer blades means less pulling on your face’s skin.

Finding the best wet and dry shaver will let you shave in or out of the shower and enjoy the cutting action of five shaving elements with a foil shaver that gives you a close and gentle shave. The Braun Series 9 wet and dry razor uses 40,000 cutting actions to catch hair as short as 0.05mm and sonic vibrations to glide gently over your jaw.


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