Who is a long hairstyle best for?

Who is a long hairstyle best for?

Short hairstyles are a go-to look for a lot of men and easy to master but they’re not for everyone. Plenty of men know that a long hairstyle is their crowning glory. But that doesn’t mean that men with long hair just let it grow wild, or that long hair styles are suited to everyone.

Men’s long hair is a delicate art to get right. If you’re torn between short vs long hair styles, consider your type of hair and your face shape. Medium and thick hair thrives with a long hairstyle, but if you have very fine or straight hair these styles may not work as well for you and it’s worth checking out our introduction to twelve of the best short hairstyles for men.

Another long hair tip from those in the know is that your face shape can be the secret to success. A square or oval face shape works best with long hair styles and a strong jawline should also make you consider whether a long hairstyle could be the look for you.

Long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men

If you know a longer look is the one for you, or if you want to try growing long hair for the first time, you’ll probably be wondering how to style long hair. Hair that already has a natural wave to it is a great candidate for the styles we’ll cover below.

For long hair with a fringe, a great style for men to try out is a high to low fade with a long fringe. This look keeps the sides tidy with a shaved gradient but gives you more to style in the front for a more distinctive hairstyle.

Braun’s precision trimmers come with the guard attachments you need to master a fade, and range down to a 9mm #3 guard to create this sleek contrast before you style the top with scissors.

Our pick of hairstyles for straight long hair is a simple mid-length shoulder style. This laid-back look brings to mind surfers, and those that like to live by their own rules. To pull this long hairstyle off you’ll want to grow out four to five inches of length, and keep the sides tidier and shorter than the back. The mid-length style will work best if you have medium to thick hair and a square or oval face shape. If you’re wondering what your face shape is, our guide matches the four fundamental shapes with facial hair styles to work for you.

Long hairstyles for men

How to do a long hair cut for men

A men’s undercut long hair style brings together longer hair atop the head with a shaved look on the sides. This contrast is an eye-catching and exciting long hair cut to try out. A gradual tapered fade on the back and sides with your trimmer are how to get this look – feel free to go as low as the #3 guard. What you do on top completely up to you, a man bun or pompadour can be great styling ideas to try out.

For a long hair Mohawk style, the basics are dividing the hair into three parts separating the top and sides. Once you’ve done this decide on the guard length for you, leaving the top longer to style your new look. The shorter Mohawk will spike the sides of the hair inward once you’ve shaved the sides but feel free to let the top go long for an edgier look.

Styling Viking long hair also taps into the wild energy of a long hairstyle for you to stand out. If you’re tempted to try a long Viking hairstyle, we’ve covered the perfect long beard styles to partner them. There’s a range of ways to style this hair look, and braided looks, ponytails and buns are all possible for men that can grow their hair length out to at least a few inches.

Styling a long hair and beard look

Styling a long hair and beard look

A long hair and beard is an all-round winner for men of any face shape. While long hair may not be suited for those with a softer jawline, a beard can offset any roundness and blends well with a longer hair styles. If you want to know more about growing a beard we’ve get all the top trimming tips here.

Our favoured long hair pairing is with the balbo beard, this is a chin beard free of any sideburns and a nicely trimmed unconnected moustache. This rugged look is perfect with a mid-length shoulder hair style and has been sported by celebrities like Christian Bale.

Curly hairstyles for long hair

Curly hairstyles for long hair

When it comes to curly hairstyles for long hair, men that are already blessed with the volume and texture of curly hair, styling is a different ballgame to the straight-haired crowd.

Simplicity works well with curls and a pointed fringe styled into a quiff pushes hair away from the face to give you a striking and low maintenance look. As a long hair tip, we recommend avoiding a blow-dry with this style and instead let your natural curls take control.

If you’re working with afro hair texture to style a long hairstyle shaping the long growth on top into a man bun and pairing it with a fade on the sides is a simple to achieve style that gives an exciting visual contrast to your hair look. Braun’s hair trimmers are equipped with a range of guards to help you to fade your hairstyle with ease.

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When it comes learning the art of how to cut long hair, Braun hair clippers are perfectly equipped to make styling and trimming a precise experience. Braun clippers work with two dedicated adjustable guiding combs with up to sixteen length settings.

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