How to avoid ingrown hair

How to avoid ingrown hair

To avoid ingrown hair; exfoliate regularly.

To avoid ingrown hair, try exfoliating once a week - this helps remove dead skin cells and "clears the path" so that your hair can grow the way they're supposed to. Ideally would be to exfoliate about 2 days before epilation.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the term for removing dead skin cells. Buffing away dead skin cells reveals fresh and youthful looking skin that radiates an irresistible glow.

What is exfoliation?

How to avoid ingrowns hair – the definitive mini-guide

Be aware: exfoliation is great for your skin, but in some cases you should put it off, e.g. if you are sunburned or have any open cuts or wounds.

1. Get wet: Step into the shower and wet your body from head to toe.

2. Circular rotation: buff your skin with gentle circular motions. Take special care on shins and calves, where ingrown hair are most often found.

3. Use your favorite product or scrub to exfoliate.

4. Don’t scrub too hard, if you are exfoliating a sensitive area you might want to use a gentler product or a softer brush.

5. Apply a moisturizing / hydrating lotion after getting out of the shower or bath.

6. Remember: moisturize regularly.

How to shave pubic hair for women

If you’re wondering what the best way to trim pubic hair for women is, Braun offer a range of methods to choose from. Whether it’s a Silk-épil epilator with shaver head and trimming comb, the bikini styler or a Silk-Expert IPL, the choice is yours and each have their own individual advantages.

All of the following methods remove pubic hair at the root for longer lasting results than traditional shaving. IPL requires you to shave beforehand but results can last for a month and improve with each treatment.

If you opt for the latest salon technology of IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser), this is one of our favoured hair removals for bikini hair removal, as it means that the hair grows back more slowly than with traditional hair removal and it tends to be thinner and finer on each treatment. It’s also worth knowing you’ll get the best results with IPL if you have lighter pigments of skin and darker hair.

Another recent innovation, Braun’s Silk-épil Bikini Styler gives you a precision head for tricky spots and sits in your hand like a pen for ease of use.

If you want to find out more about all of Braun’s root hair removal methods, check out our full guide to the pros and cons.

Use Braun SkinSpa to exfoliate – it works up to 6x better than by hand.

Using Braun SkinSpa is a uniquely effective experience. Sonic exfoliation technology delivers more than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute to exfoliate your skin. Ideally suited to all skin types and preferences: Braun has 2 different specially designed body brushes: deep exfoliation and gentle exfoliation.

Braun deep exfoliation brush

Braun deep exfoliation brush

Gentle yet effective, this brush features uniquely triangular shaped high performance bristles. Regular use helps to avoid hair getting stuck under the skin surface and visibly improves skin appearance.

Braun gentle exfoliation brush

Braun gentle exfoliation brush

This high-density brush with 10,000 fine bristles gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates skin regeneration. For irresistibly smooth and silky skin you can’t stop touching.


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