How to trim a mutton chops beard

How to grow a mutton chops beard

The classically masculine facial hair look called mutton chops gives off a hint of wildness and has been worn by a diverse bunch, from Victorian gentlemen to Elvis Presley.

For an idea of who this beard style might suit, the mutton chops are a defining look for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. So, if you want to inject a rugged and manly beard style into your grooming routine, then a mutton chops beard could be an exciting change.

We’ll cover the differences to note with friendly mutton chops and other variations on this style and give you the full guide to grooming this beard style with Braun’s trimming and shaving tools.

Step 1: Growing a full beard

The iconic mutton chops facial hairstyle gets its name from the resemblance between its big sideburns and a cut of meat. You should know this isn’t the kind of beard style that will materialise in a week, and the route to styling a mutton chops look starts with growing out a full beard.

Although the speed that your facial hair will grow is unique to you, it’s worth knowing the average rate of growth for hair is around half an inch a month. Getting the thick and full beard that’s required is a case of letting it grow out before any styling or trimming. We suggest you allow a month or more of growing it out to make sure you have the long beard needed.

Having a full beard is a must here as it’ll let you trim symmetrically. Want to know how to grow the perfect beard? Check out our guide on How to Grow and Trim a Beard.

Step 2: Creating the mutton chops

The mutton chops style requires both long sideburns and a long moustache as you’ll want the two to connect up before you come to trim or shape this beard style.

Once your sideburns and beard reach the point of full growth you desire, it’s time to shape your new beard style. The mutton chops look stands out thanks to its unusual grooming style. Using your electric shaver you should remove all hair from the chin and neck, leaving the mutton chops and moustache you’ve grown with pride of place.

Edging around your long sideburns and moustache is a delicate art as you want to keep the full growth that this style requires. For this job, check out the electric shavers that could help you achieve the perfect smooth clean shave. Braun shavers’ AutoSense technology will respond to your beard’s thickness and ensure any tidy up gives exceptional closeness.

Step 3: Trimming the mutton chops

To get the mutton chops beard look, you need to ensure you have full symmetrical growth on your beard sideburns. Once you’ve shaped a mutton chops look, the next grooming step is maintaining sideburn symmetry using trimming tools.

Using a fixed-length comb, such as the comb included with a Braun All in One Trimmer, will even out the growth of your mutton chop sideburns. At the highest point, you want your beard’s sideburns to reach, define the edges on your cheek, and tidy your neck. If you want to style this beard look you should find the ideal trimmers to achieve the precise shape of mutton chops beard style with Braun’s precision shaving technology.

Step 4: Maintaining the chops

With all beard styles, we suggest combing your beard and using beard oil daily to minimize irritation. Exfoliating regularly and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated are also great tips for healthy beard growth. For more tips on this read the guide on how to take care of your beard.

Alongside daily beard care, we suggest you’ll want to trim your chin and neck every day. The mutton chop beard style is defined by the sharp lines between these areas and your classic beard style. When you shower, use a beard shampoo as this longer beard style in particular will look at its groomed best when your hair is at its healthiest.

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