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How to: Stubble

How to style your Stubble beard

Beard styles don’t get any easier than this. Fast, stylish and low-maintenance, the stubble beard look - otherwise known as “the 3 day beard” - is a great beard style for any man, any occasion, any face shape. Stubble can also add maturity to a youthful face. Despite how effortless this style is, it’s important to achieve a natural, well-groomed look, rather than appearing like you just forgot to shave. That’s where the Braun styling touch comes in. So, for a smart, hassle-free, so-easy-to-achieve-it’s-like-clicking-your-fingers beard look, here’s what you need to know to own it.

Step 1. Choose your Stubble beard length

Tip: Trim the beard down gradually to find the stubble that suits best

First things first, attach the 1-10 mm comb and use the precision wheel on your Braun beard trimmer to choose your stubble length. If you’re unsure of the right length for your face, start on a longer 3 mm setting and trim your beard down gradually. Stepping down in 0.5 mm stages will help make your beard is at a length you like. Pay attention though, as whichever length you choose will need to be consistent through your whole beard area.

Step 2. Trim your beard with the precision trimmer, shaving against the grain

Tip: A smart stubble is normally between 1 mm and 3 mm

Once you’ve selected a length, evening out the beard across your face will achieve that clean-looking stubble beard style. Trim all-over by using your beard trimmer and comb against the grain. It’s best to double-check every now and again, just to make sure you’ve covered every inch. Don’t worry about getting that perfectly pruned outline yet, this stage is all about getting the right length consistent across your face. You’ll do yourself a favour by ensuring both sides of the initial beard are even and that there are no patches of facial hair left at a different length.

Step 3. Shape your Stubble beard

Tip: End the hair line between the top and bottom of your Adam’s apple

Now that your stubble beard is even, it’s time to clean your neck area. Firstly, remove the comb from your beard trimmer and gradually trim from the bottom of your neck upwards. Ending the hairline somewhere between the top and bottom of your Adam’s apple normally looks best. Use careful, slow, continuous strokes. Trimming away from the hair line will help prevent you from accidentally shaving into your beard shape and achieves a nice straight clean line, ideal for the below the chin and jawline areas.

Step 4. Clean shave to sharpen your look

Tip: For an extra-close shave, use the included Gillette razor

Next, it’s time to clean-shave around your stubble beard. For a smooth, hassle-free shave and result, you can use the Gillette razor, provided with the Braun beard trimmer kit. Prepare your skin by splashing warm water on it and applying a shaving foam. Shave against the direction of your hair growth using single, continuous strokes until the skin outside your moustache beard area is smooth and completely hair-free. Take care around the edges of your beard, your cheeks and upper lip.

Make sure to double-check the harder to reach areas beneath your chin, where your jaw meets the neck and underneath the bottom lip, ensuring the areas along your stubble line design is entirely hair-free. Your new Stubble beard is now ready to do its thing.

Step 5. Mousturise and maintain your Stubble beard

Tip: Go over it every 3 days or so

Now that you’ve achieved your ideal stubble beard, all you have to do is trim your stubble every two or three days to maintain that tight, designed beard style - it’s called “The 3 Day Beard” for a reason! Also, don’t forget to moisturise afterwards. To avoid your skin drying out after shaving, it helps to use a non-alcohol based moisturiser.

And there you have it - the easiest way to look sharp without taking too much time away from what you really want to be getting on with.

Keep it smart. Keep it casual.

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