DIY Haircuts: Simple Hairstyles Using Hair Clippers At Home

DIY Haircuts: Simple Hairstyles Using Hair Clippers At Home

Finding a booking at a crowded barber or salon isn’t the only way to shape unruly hair into a stylish trim. In fact, with the help of Braun hair clippers, you have all the tools needed to do trendy and easy haircuts in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re learning how to cut hair with clippers to tidy up your own look or want to know how to cut boys' hair, there are some need to know tips that will equip you with the knowledge needed. Easy and quick hairstyles are a great place to start and with the combs and attachments included with the simple to use Braun clippers, learning how to do a DIY men's haircut is just a few steps away.

Easy Cut

Our first look is a simple hairstyle that lets you get to grips with longer attachment combs before working your way down to a shorter length.

To approach any home haircut, you should visualize the hair divided into four distinct sections: the back of the neck, the lower rim of the head, the upper rim of the head and the top of the head. Using these four sections you can tackle each part individually.

Once you’ve got an image of these sections, start with a longer guard such as Number 7 or 8 to cut down on the thicker sections of growth. Once you’ve removed the bulk of your hair growth it’s time to move down to a shorter guard. We’d recommend starting with Number 4 and seeing where you’d like to go from there with your DIY haircut. This look doesn’t include a taper so simply decide whichever length you’d like in each section.

Business Haircut

Business Haircut

For a professional and low maintenance short haircut, this traditional option uses multiple guards to achieve a graded effect and a clean-cut style.

Braun clippers come equipped with 16 built-in guard lengths to choose from and you can simply slide the central button to choose the right length for you. For this look, we would generally recommend starting with the Number 5 guard for .55 inch length on the back and sides.

Using a scooping motion as you move the Braun hair clipper upward you should see whether this guard is your desired length. If you wish to trim shorter, simply switch to a lower comb – each varies by a few mm in length.

Finally, for a typical professional look use a higher attachment guard on top such as Number 13 or one-inch length. Moving the hair clipper from the front of the head to back you’ll see the look come together. For the upper parts of the hair where the top and sides meet, blend the two with the same scooping motion.

Finally, the precision attachments can help you with any final details such as close to the ears or on your neck.

Fade Cut

Fade Cut

This simple and tapered haircut for men is a popular and easy hairstyle to do at home. If you’re just learning how to cut hair with clippers then this will let you get familiar with a few different guard lengths for a cut with a stylish gradient.

This look originated with the US military but has become a popular quick and easy hairstyle that just takes a few steps.

Start with the shortest guard you will use on the back and sides – we would suggest Number 2 to give a 0.24-inch length. To get the cleanest taper possible at your neck and ears, pull the skin tight as you move your Braun hair clipper upward.

When the time comes to tackle the top of the head switch to your preferred comb length, this look is all about a stylish contrast between the top and sides so we’d suggest a Number 4 comb to leave it longer on top.

High and Tight Haircut

The high and tight look is a no-nonsense men’s haircut that keeps things simple. Starting with the lowest Number 1 guard you will shave down the back of the neck and rim of your head to the shortest length.

Once you’ve got the back and sides down to your desired length, it’s time to switch to a longer guard such as Number 5 or 6 to get a 0.55-inch length on top.

As you’ll have a sharp definition between the top and sides of this trim, use the Number 2 guard to blend the upper rim of the head where the top and sides meet.

To finish off this clipper cut you may wish to try out a technique that gives you more precision around the neck edges. Try turning the clipper towards your neck rather than scooping for a better ability to finish off this home haircut.

This regular haircut needs a touch up after two to three weeks so simply repeat these steps when you see the length reaching the point that it needs a cut.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Out of all the short hairstyles for men, the most low maintenance men's haircut that we’ll take you through, this style is a consistent length across the back and sides of the head meaning you don’t have to switch guards or blend any areas.

Once you’ve selected the guard length you’d like, simply get to work buzzing all of your hair to a consistent level with a scooping motion. One tip to keep in mind for DIY haircuts is to look out for any patches or difficult areas and try another pass with as close contact as possible.

With the consistent look all over we’d suggest a lower guard for this look such as Number 2 or 3 to let your simple hairstyle grow out evenly.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your reason for choosing a home haircut, there are a whole host of benefits. From saving time and money to being in the comfortable and hygienic space of your own home, this increasingly popular trend of hair styling at home is worth trying out the next time you notice you need a trim.

To maintain your Braun device over time it’s essential that you learn how to clean hair clippers. Blades that aren’t cleaned can lead to red, irritated skin and if your Braun clipper is clogged with hair its cutting performance will get worse over time. Regularly oiling the blades after two uses will also ensure the sharp blades aren’t dulled by use.


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