A shave as efficient as day one.
Replace shaver head every 18 months.

A shave as efficient as day one.

Over 18 months

your Braun electric shaver will cut over 6,000,000 hairs,
gradually reducing cutting performance.

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Over 18 months


A new shaver head keeps your shave efficient with less strokes needed for greater skin confort.


Replace every 18 months.

Replacing the shaver head resets your shaver to new and ensures it will remain in peak condition for years to come.

Replace every 18 months.


One small investment and your shaver is reset to new.

Made in Germany

German quality.

Every Braun shaver head is made with German craftsmanship, 100% made in Germany.

German quality

How to replace
your shaver head.

  1. Squeeze the black replace buttons on the side of your S9 shaver head.

  2. Remove your old shaver head in one easy motion.

  3. Click your new Braun shaver head into place to reset your shaver to new.

  4. Push the reset button down for 10 seconds and the replacement indicator light will switch off.

  5. Complete. Your shaver is reset. Good as new for another 18 months.

How to replace your shaver head.

All about Replacement parts & refills:

Braun Clean&Charge Stations

Braun Clean&Charge Stations

New shaver feeling at the touch of a button.

All about shaving

All about shaving

How to clean and look after your shaver

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