The smart shaver. Reads and adapts to your beard.

The Series 7.

Discover the Series 7 range.

Series 7 silver

Series 7 silver

With Clean & Charge station and travel case.

Series 7 black

Series 7 black

With Clean & Charge station and travel case.

Series 7. For a close, yet gentle shave.

The Series 7 intelligently responds to the unique features of your face, giving you a close and comfortable shave, every time.

Discover the Series 7.

4 synchronized shaving elements.

  • One specialized middle trimmer.
  • Two ultra-thin OptiFoils.
  • One dedicated skin guard.
  • To shave in one stroke where others need two.

Sonic Technology.

Built into the Series 7 is our innovative Sonic Technology. 10,000 vibrations create a cushion for the shaver to glide across your skin.

Follows contours. Maximum adaptability.

The 8-D flexible shaver head masters even the most problematic contours. With individually floating foils and trimmer mounted on a pivoting head to give you skin contact as close as 0.05 mm.

A personalized shaver.

The personalization buttons make it easy to choose 1 of 5 shaving modes, depending on what’s required.

series 7 personalised

Precision HeadLock.

Braun Precision HeadLock lets you lock the shaver head for more precision in difficult areas such as under your nose or chin.

Precision HeadLock

Trim to your perfect shape.

For total control, a built-in precision trimmer slides out the back of the shaver for easier and more accurate sideburn shaping, taking care of the finishing touches.

Trim to your perfect shape

Use Wet & Dry or in the shower.

Whether you shave wet, dry, with gel or foam, the Series 7² will always deliver a flawless shave.

LED display.

When you’re done shaving, its intuitive LED interface will inform you on the battery status and indicate when a foil replacement is needed

LED display


Powerful Li-Ion battery with no memory effect. A full charge of only one hour gives you 50 minutes of shaving time. A 5-minute quick charge is more than enough to shave once.



Like new every morning.

The world's only 5-action Clean & Charge station hygienically cleans, lubricates and dry’s your shaver at the touch of a button. It will even remind you when to use it. It charges the shaver in 1 hour to give you 50 minutes of shaving time.

Crafted for exceptional performance. Every day, for many years.

Made in Germany.

braun series-9 icon made-in-germany

What's in the box

¹Tested on 3-day beard vs. leading premium tier products, assessment based on subjective and objective data. Details:

²Excluding following selected shaver models which can be used 2-way: 790cc-4, 765cc-7, 760cc-7, 760cc-6, 750cc-7, 750cc-6, 720s-6.

³Available on selected models only.