Beard styles for bald men

Beard styles for bald men

Whether you’ve just started to notice some receding hair, or you already rock a fully hair-free look, you should know that a bald and beard combination is an on-trend way to shake up your facial hair styling. There’s a great range of beard styles for bald men that work well and a bald bearded look can balance your appearance in a striking and simple way.

Going bald with a beard has several great advantages that we’ll let you in on. For styles that work best as a bald head and beard combination, we’ll be covering the best choices and show you how to achieve eye-catching beard styles for a bald head with Braun’s precision trimmers. For a sense of which beard styles would be the best match for your face shape, check out our guide.

Why be bald with a beard?

Whether it’s Dwayne Johnson or Bruce Willis, there are a ton of celebrities that thrive as bald guys with a beard. Alongside following in their stylish footsteps, there are plenty of reasons to consider the bald with a beard look.

  • New styling opportunities: As many men find the hair on the head can define their look, a beard can serve this purpose if you’re going bald. If you want to give a thicker and bolder look to your face, growing out your sideburns and cheek hair will change your face’s proportions.

  • Save time on grooming: If you regularly shave the hair on top of your head and your face, grooming will be a time- consuming process. Pairing a bald head and beard will save you precious time and Braun beard trimmer´s precision dial lets you choose from 39 possible exact beard lengths.

Best Styles for bald men

Best Styles for bald men

The best beard styles for bald guys range from a minimal three-day beard to a long beard that may take a month or more to grow. So whatever your facial hair growth is like, there’s a beard style for bald men that will work with your features.

Stubble beard

A stubble beard is the lowest maintenance of all beard styles but a firm classic and a great beard idea for bald guys. If you have an oval face shape, a stubble beard is a great starting point. Try shaving your facial hair between 1mm and 3mm in length and see how a stylish stubble suits you.

Full beard

If you want to take things further than a three-day beard, let your facial hair grow out for at least three weeks. The thickness of a full beard will complement a rectangular jaw and this combination is an ideal bald with beard look to try out.

Ensure you take care of your beard by combing your beard daily and regularly trimming excess growth and any untidy neck hairs.

Long beard

If you feel like embracing a wilder appearance, long beards have a distinctive flair that conjures up images of outdoor adventure and lumberjacks. If this sounds like you then our favoured bald head big beard looks are Viking beards and these long beards have been around since the 11th century but still seen regularly today.

Just because a long beard has wild connotations, that doesn’t mean you should just let it grow freely. You should snip any straggly hairs with a pair of scissors and be sure to tidy up your beard neckline with an electric shaver as it grows.

Long beard with handlebar moustache

A classic pairing that’s a firm favourite of men with a hipster beard, if you fancy some more adventurous styling find out how to grow a handlebar moustache.

This look requires decent growth on either side of your lips to style into a distinctive handlebar shape. If you want a beard that draws the eye, this thick and styled look can also give a longer oval face shape some additional width.

Goatee beard

Another firm favourite for bald men with beards is the goatee beard. If you have a square face with a strong jawline, the softness of a goatee beard can work to offset this. In the case of bald and bearded guys, these hard lines will be especially pronounced for your head shape so try shaping a goatee beard with your electric shaver.

Style with only a moustache

As a starting point for bald beard styles, you may want to try to grow a moustache. Unlike longer beard styles, a moustache can be shaped with a Braun beard trimmer with 2cm of growth.

This versatile classic can be styled with loads of variations so check out the most popular moustache styles if you decide this is the facial hair look for you.

Hipster beard

The hipster beard is a modern celebration of vintage style and as a bald beard style, it’s most likely to work for you if you’ve got strong facial hair growth that you want to style distinctively. If you want to try a gradient look with this check out our article on hipster beards to learn how to fade a beard into a bald head.

Van Dyke beard

This combination has been seen on Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy and if you’re curious about how to grow a van dyke beard, it’s a simple classic that joins a floating moustache with a pointed chin beard.

Try styling this simple classic with a Braun all in one trimmer if you want to dip your toe into a more unusual style but don’t have the growth for a hipster beard.


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